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San Francisco DMV Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit With Transgender Woman: read more>

Dolan Law Firm files claim against the DMV after San Francisco DMV employee releases home address of transgender woman to fundamentalist church group >read more

BREAKING NEWS: The DMV employee named in the claim has resigned

CNN's HLN | ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell: Interview with client, Amber Yust, and attorney, Christopher Dolan. A transgender female says she fears for her safety after receiving threatening mail from a California DMV worker. videos

LPGA votes to reverse its discriminatory policy >read more

The Dolan Law Firm files suit against the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) on behalf of transgendered woman Lana Lawless for refusing to allow Lana to compete as a professional.

Dolan Law Firm files suit on behalf of transgender female Charlene Hastings against Catholic Healthcare West for denying equal access to medical treatment. Hospital agrees to change its policies so as to provide equal healthcare services to transgender females and those female from birth.
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